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Bitter Passion Tagalog 16

Bitter Passion Tagalog 16: The Truth Comes Out

Bitter Passion is a Filipino drama series that follows the lives of four women who are entangled in a web of lies, betrayal, and revenge. In the 16th episode of the series, the truth about the past of Liza (Angel Locsin), Andrea (Maja Salvador), Stella (Bea Alonzo), and Nicole (Angelica Panganiban) finally comes out.

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The episode begins with Liza confronting Andrea about her affair with Rafael (John Lloyd Cruz), who is Liza's husband and Nicole's brother. Liza reveals that she knows everything about Andrea's past, including her involvement in the death of Marco (Jericho Rosales), who was Andrea's husband and Stella's brother. Liza accuses Andrea of being a murderer and a homewrecker, and threatens to expose her to the police and the media.

Andrea denies everything and tries to escape, but Liza grabs her and slaps her hard. The two women engage in a fierce fight, while Rafael arrives and tries to stop them. He admits that he loves Andrea, but he also loves Liza and Nicole. He begs them to calm down and listen to him, but they ignore him and continue to attack each other.

Meanwhile, Stella receives a call from Bianca (Anne Curtis), who is Rafael's wife and Marco's ex-girlfriend. Bianca tells Stella that she has something important to tell her, and asks her to meet her at a cafe. Stella agrees, hoping that Bianca will finally tell her the truth about Marco's death.

At the cafe, Bianca confesses to Stella that she was the one who killed Marco, not Andrea. She says that she was jealous of Marco's love for Andrea, and she wanted to get rid of him. She hired a hitman to shoot Marco on their wedding day, but the hitman missed and hit Andrea instead. Marco rushed to save Andrea, but he was shot again by the hitman. Bianca says that she regretted what she did, and she tried to make up for it by marrying Rafael and taking care of Nicole.

Stella is shocked and enraged by Bianca's confession. She slaps Bianca and calls her a monster. She says that Bianca ruined her life and her brother's life, and she will never forgive her. She vows to make Bianca pay for what she did, and storms out of the cafe.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as Liza, Andrea, Rafael, Stella, Bianca, and Nicole are all heading to the same place: the police station. What will happen when they face each other? Will they be able to resolve their conflicts, or will they end up destroying each other? Find out in the next episode of Bitter Passion Tagalog 17.


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